We build hands-off growth systems for Online B2B Businesses

Automate your lead acquisition, refine your offer & solve your project management woes—all while scaling your B2B business to 8 figures


A better way to build ops

Agencies are slow, expensive, & require large commitments upfront. Hiring in-house involves similar problems. We take a different approach: a COO-level expert on an unlimited subscription to give you the ops you need for less.


The best systems are built in short bursts, not long cycles. Don't pay for a 4 mo+ agency retainer—get what you need with us & pause or cancel your subscription anytime


We send you async project updates in Slack, and offer weekly ops consultations for discussions or brainstorming. We'll also revise systems until you're 100% satisfied


We can start as early as tomorrow. You'll hop on a thirty minute onboarding call to share credentials and get set up on our PM system, and then we'll get to work

Our Clients

Fields of expertise​

Client Acquisition Systems

Scalable, affordable outbound & marketing systems to grow your company on autopilot. (Cold email & LinkedIn automated outreach)

Project management

Bespoke project management systems used by 8-figure agencies & SaaS companies

Hiring systems

Automated processes that source, contact, and evaluate candidates for you

AI service fulfillment

AI that automates key steps in your fulfillment process to reduce costs and payroll

CRM buildouts

Sales systems to track, iterate, and scale growth just like an 8-figure company.

SOPs & process design

We'll help refine your offer, show you what 8-figure companies are doing, and build you a library of SOPs.

Success Stories

You know that gym you go to but you're scared to tell people about because it would get overcrowded? Big Auk Tech is that gym....I wanna keep it hush hush. Big Auk Technologies – where tech meets sales magic! Our team's productivity soared, thanks to their genius automation solutions. Seamless collaboration, outstanding results, and a sprinkle of tech wizardry
Drake DeBiasse
Big Auk Tech has revolutionized our approach to lead generation with their innovative solutions. Their expertise in leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator and cold email outreach has significantly boosted our client acquisition rate. The integration was seamless, and the team’s support has been exceptional throughout the process. We highly recommend Big Auk Tech for any business looking to scale their outreach efforts effectively.
"Anand and his Team provide unbelievable value and truly focus on what is actionable for you to make your business successful. Your success truly matters to him"
Ravi Bhoite
CEO, BarkXon
"The customer service and helpfulness of the team members to solve my specific problems. They also follow up quite a bit to hold me accountable and make sure I'm implementing the strategies discussed. Everything since I came on board has been amazing"
Mike Stuart
"Honesty, Integrity, Transparency. Big Auk Technologies are a true pleasure to work with. Not only have they reduced overall cost while maintaining efciency, they have collaborated on projects outside the scope of initial presented guidelines. I would highly recommend their services"
"The client success team goes the extra mile to make sure that my business is getting the support it needs. We hit all the goals we were looking to and I now have the foundation to build on to hit goals in my business I never thought were possible."
Tracy Saqladi
Transformational Mentor

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