How Big Auk Technologies is helping revolutionize custom manufacturing is an online B2B marketplace for all manufacturing requirements of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide

Niche: Custom B2B manufacturing

Custom online manufacturing platform. serving as a one-stop solution for all manufacturing requirements


Barkxon provides global end-to-end manufacturing supply chain solutions. The company works with clients worldwide fulfilling their manufacturing requirements for highly customized components and assemblies. If you can’t find a supplier for your part, go to


The customer wanted to build an online marketplace. This would serve customers in fabrication, machining, casting and forging businesses across industries. The goal was to build a network of partner suppliers. Other required features were smart tracking and visibility of orders from confirmation to delivery.


Big Auk Technologies worked with Barkxon to build an online manufacturing platform. This served as a one-stop solution for all manufacturing requirements. The solution transformed the way OEM/EPC companies buy and execute manufacturing jobs. The solution enabled Barkxon to provide unlimited production processes, capacities, materials, part sizes and weights as well as secondary operations, surface finishing, assembly and related services

The Benefits

Ease of transaction

One stop marketplace

On demand quotes

Improved efficiency

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